AC100 Thermoplastic Tape

Use our AC100 thermoplastic tape to successfully perform welding operations on fabrics that normally cannot be welded such as acrylic and polyester based fabrics. The AC100 tape has a self-adhesive layer that allows you to apply the tape where it is needed prior to the welding process.

Key features:
  • Welding temperature of 115ºC to 135ºC
  • Available in 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm wide rolls
  • Self-adhesive layer does not influence bond strength
Tape Shrinking Machine

The tape shrinking machine is used to pre-shrink reinforcement tape to ensure it remains completely flat during the actual welding process. This improves the quality of the end product significantly, as pre-shrunk tape is more stable.

Spline or Zipper Dispenser

With ASCO spline or zipper dispensers, it is no longer necessary to manually measure and cut splines or zippers to length. The dispenser is programmed to supply a spline or zipper of the desired length at the start of the welding process, so a new one is ready prior to the operator starting on the next panel.

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