Feeding and Conveying

Although not part of the primary production process, feeding and conveying textiles and other materials with the proper tension to the next primary process greatly benefits product quality and accuracy. ASCO has a wide range of feeders and conveyors that can be integrated in assembly lines or combined with production equipment and are compatible to virtually all (third-party) cutting tables or CNC controlled cutters.


The method used for feeding textiles to cutting equipment depends greatly on the type of material used. To meet the wide variety in textile properties in tomorrows’ market, ASCO has developed different means of feeding fabrics and textiles. Whether feeding sheer fabrics or heavy duty rubber materials, we have a feeder to match.



Electric driven winding up unit for technical textiles. The shaft winder can be placed behind a cutter, a printer or a finishing line to wind up fabrics on a cardboard tube. The winder is equipped with a dancer to synchronize the fabric supply with the conveyor belt, a pneumatic controlled expansion shaft with a safety chuck and a gear motor with inverter control.



ASCO conveyors function as an extension of a conveyorized cutting table, allowing the cut products to be transported away from the cutting area where they can be removed by the operator. This allows the cutting table to continue cutting safely, and without the need to wait for the products to be removed.


Vacuum Table

Vacuum table for inspection of leather hides.

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