SX cutting table

The SX cutting table has a net working area of 170 x 170 cm and is equipped with an ultrasonic cutter with an adjustable cutting angle to handle a wide range of different fabrics. As an option a second ultrasonic cutter or a cold cutting tool can be installed. The cutting table cuts in both directions in a two steps operation. When the cuts in one direction are finished, the operator can easily turn the table top with a glass sheet and the fabrics on top 90° and start the second cutting operation. The cutter will than continue the cutting process and finish all the samples perfectly cut with an ultrasonic cut on all sides . This concept is therefore an excellent alternative compared to more expensive dual axis cutting tables.

Rolls of fabric can be quickly loaded an threaded from the winding off unit and the fabrics are automatically supplied exactly aligned onto the cutting table by means of pneumatic controlled catcher.

With the software package and friendly touch screen operation it is possible to cut also samples with patterns or prints. For this application additional line lasers will be used to set zero positions.

Used in: Sample books

Key features
  • Net working area up to 170 x170 cm
  • Edge control for perfect alignment of fabrics
  • Fully programmable and friendly touch screen control
  • Air cushion system for easy turning of the table top
  • Quick changing system for selecting cutting method
  • Special print or pattern software with line laser assistance
  • Quick roll load system
  • Automatic fabric pulling system
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz, 6 bar air supply

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