High performance cutting tables

The high performance cutting tables are more automated than the cutting tables from the standard range, and have a much higher output. The combination of length- and cross-cutting allows panels to be cut without further squaring. The maximum capacity of these customized cutting tables can be as high as 800 roller blinds or 150 awnings per day, and are therefore especially suitable for ready-made products with less roll changes.

MX Cutting Tables

The MX cutting table offers a higher degree of automation when compared to the standard ST cutting tables. The operator can rotate panels on one part of the table, while the cutting axis is cutting the panels on a different part of the table, increasing efficiency.


DX Cutting Tables

The advantage of cutting fabrics tension free, without the need to manually rotate the panels to cut them square. DX cutting tables use two independent cutting axes to cut nested rectangular shapes without moving the fabric, ensuring speed and accuracy.


VX Cutting Table

The VX Cutting Table enables the operator to cut square blinds in X and Y direction with a single axis bridge without having to turn the fabric. The cutter is equipped with a tangential controlled round blade cutter. The table is a budget CNC solution for cold cutting applications providing a perfect accurate square cut.


BX Cutting Table

The BX cutting table cuts rectangular shapes such as panel blinds, roller blinds and screens in two axis by using a single bridge. The bridge is equipped with a dual cutting system and the fabric is kept in position by using a belt clamping system for both directions. It is possible to select ultrasonic cutters (with different cutting angles), round razor knife, or crush knife. Due to the cost effective single bridge solution customers have the advantage of having a CNC solution that avoids turning around the fabric manually and having the possibility to use nesting software.


PX Cutting Tables

PX cutting tables are used for cutting large numbers of panels of the same size. They are made to customers' requirements, and can be fitted with multiple options such as the ability to create stacks of panels, etc.


FX Cutting Tables

These cutting tables feature high-end guides and a servo drive to increase production even further.


AX Cutting Tables

Similar to the PX cutting tables, this type of cutting table also includes one or more programmable length cutters, increasing production flexibility.


SX Cutting Table

SX cutting table for sample makers to cut fabrics rectangular by means of ultrasonic technology to avoid fraying. The cutting process is fully programmable and the fabrics are automatically pulled up onto the 90° turnable cutting table.

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