Welding Machines

All of ASCO welding machines make use of the impulse welding technique. This technique is based on a thin, conductive metal strip, which is heated by the current flowing through it. Each welding bar has a single welding strip, which is pressed against the fabric to transmit the heat into the material. Because the temperature of the welding strips is constant along the entire length, very consistent welding results are achieved over great lengths. This allows large products to be welded in a single process step with high accuracy and excellent quality. This makes impulse welding an excellent alternative to high frequency welding, hot air or hot wedge welding, or ultrasonic welding. Textiles such as acrylic fabrics and polyesters, or fabrics with low PVC content, can be bonded using our AC100 thermoplastic film. ASCO also solutions to weld Teflon (PTFE), and silicone coated fabrics can also be processed with a unique ASCO solution.

The advantages of our impulse welding machines are:
  • Welding length up to 730 cm in a single process step: seamless weld and short cycle time
  • Very safe process posing no danger to humans or the environment
  • Easy operation
  • Low power consumption and maintenance costs
  • Very favorable price level
The ASCO impulse welding machines provide solutions for:
  • Applying reinforcement tapes
  • Joining panels
  • Folding and/or welding pockets
  • Welding tunnels or battens
  • Welding a wide range of splines to panels
  • Welding zippers to panels
  • Welding big pockets

IL40/60 Welder for Vertical Blinds

Compact, table-top welding machines especially suitable for welding vertical blinds

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