Welding and Joining

After panels have been cut, one of the following steps is to process the edges. ASCO has multiple solutions to create hems or pockets, join panels together, or attach extruded profiles or splines.

SZ10 Hand Welder

This manual welding tool can be used for closing the sides of pockets or for making small repairs to panel edges.


VM300/400 Folding Machine

When only a folding process is required, the ASCO VM300/400 folding machines are a suitable solution. The material is folded and pressed into a re-usable, U-shaped profile. The folded material can then be transported to the next process step while the fold is clamped firmly by the profile.


IL110 Universal Welding Machine

The universal welding machine IL110 with a welding length of 110 cm has a very favorable price level. The machine is designed for all welding operations: reinforcement tapes, hem pockets, joining fabrics, splines and zippers.

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