VX Cutting table

The VX Table has a net working area of 350 x 500 cm or 350 x 700 cm and is equipped with a tangential controlled round blade cutter. The high performance technology guarantees a very high speed and positioning accuracy. The fabric is pulled to the table automatically from the cradle by the pneumatic controlled pulling system on the gantry. The gantry is equipped with the cutting head, a point laser and a fabric clamping system in cross direction.

After the fabric is pulled on the table, the length cuts will be carried out first while the fabric is still attached to the roll. When these cuts are finished, the machine continues with carrying out the cross cuts.

The standard software package enables the operator to program the size and number of panels or samples with help of a high resolution 12” TFT touch screen. Optionally the cutter can be equipped with an advanced software package for nesting and remnant management and order import by barcode or PC.

Used in: Roller BlindsPanel tracksScreensSample books and Technical fabrics.

Key features:

  • Cutting dimensions 350 x 500 cm and 350 x 700 cm (different dimensions on request)
  • Stable welded steel frame and 5 mm thick special plastic table top
  • Single axis gantry with tangential controlled round blade cutter
  • Automatic fabric pulling system with integrated fabric clamp
  • Software program with 12” high resolution touch screen control. Including software to create cutting files, interface, remote service, etc.
  • Optional edge control system
  • Optional LED back lighting (dim. 350 x 40 cm)
  • Optional clamping system for length direction with belts
  • Optional advanced software package including roll nesting and remnant management, 21”TFT touch screen, order import by barcode or PC, etc.
  • Optional horizontal rotary storage underneath the cutting table up to 46 rolls of fabric
  • Optional vacuum system integrated in the table with dynamic zoning system
  • Power supply 208/240V, 50/60Hz, 6 bar air supply

Cutting and Marking

Commonly regarded as the most important manufacturing process, cutting and/or marking is where the product gets its desired dimensions. ASCO cutting and marking equipment ensures these processes are achieved at any level of quality and automation desired by the customer.
Depending on the type of fabric and application it is used for, ASCO has several standard cutting techniques available:

  • Rotating knife; a low-cost cutting solution suitable for most materials
  • Ultrasonic cutting; for a sealed edge without fraying
  • Crush cutting system; primarily for cutting glass-fiber based materials, but widely applicable

In addition, ASCO can integrate other, less standard cutting solutions, such as heated knife cutting, razor blade cutting, laser cutting and scissor cutting. At ASCO we also testing facilities to do cutting tests and give you the best advice on how to cut your materials.

Cutting Equipment

ASCO cutting equipment for manual use, or to build into an existing table.


MT Cutting Tables

The MT cutting table is our entry level cutting table, providing the minimum requirements for square cutting of panels. Available in any size.


CT Cutting Tables

The CT cutting table offers increased productivity and accuracy when compared to the MT cutting table. It is more versatile and offers push button operation. CT cutting tables are available in three width sizes.


ST Cutting Tables

The ST cutting tables offer the most flexible of the standard cutting tables and can be equipped with a wide range of unique options and cutting systems. These cutting tables are available in almost any size.


Laser Cutting Tables

These cutting tables eliminate the need to contact the fabric during cutting and clamping completely, giving the ultimate in dimensional accuracy.

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