Finishing and Inspection

Besides our various product inspection hoists, we also offer various solutions for finishing your products and can also develop customized equipment for your next processing or assembly steps.

Assembly and Inspection Table for Panel Blinds

This assembly table allows you to accurately mount strips onto your textiles to make panel blinds or panel tracks.


Tube Mounting and Rolling-Up Devices

Combining the tube mounting device with a rolling up device, we have not only created a very convenient way to assemble your products. It also allows you to roll up even the widest products.


Tube Taping Machine

With the ASCO tube taping machine pre-taped tubes are no longer needed. This tube taping machine allows you to accurately specify where on the tube the tape is supposed to start and stop and is also available with automatic loading or cleaning options.


Basic Assembly and Inspection Hoist

Using our basic assembly and inspection hoist, you can inspect the final product by mounting and extending the product the same way it will be used by the customer. These hoists can be made as high as 7m.


Smart Assembly and Inspection Hoist

The ASCO smart hoist provides additional features for quicker mounting of the product, further automation using programmable features and more accurate inspection by means of the tiltable window sill.

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