Loop Control Feeders

To feed elastic or unstable fabrics to a cutter requires special care. To ensure the textiles do not distort during unwinding, the ASCO loop-controlled feeder uses a driven unwinding shaft with loop control. This allows the material to be delivered directly to the cutter with minimal fabric tension and without deformation. This feeder is especially suitable for delicate textiles such as delicately woven glass-fiber cloth, knitted fabrics, or carbon fiber materials that are dimensionally unstable.

Used in manufacturers in technical fabrics and sign industry.

Key features:

  • Fabric width up to 320 cm
  • Maximum roll diameter 100 cm (other diameters on request)
  • Adjustable height to fit with any cutter
  • Edge control system
  • Optional electric driven spreading rollers
  • Optional fabric relaxing and vibrating unit
  • Machine dimensions depending on customer specific application
  • Power supply: 208/230V, 50/60Hz

Loop Control Feeders

When working with elastic fabrics, or with technical textiles such as carbon fiber that are dimensionally unstable, the loop control feeder uses a driven unwinding shaft to ensure the material distortion is kept to a minimum.

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