The ASCO conveyors are placed as an extension of a cutting table or CNC cutter. The conveyor drive is synchronized with the conveyor belt of the cutter, ensuring a smooth transition of the products or materials when they are moved to or from the cutter. The cut products are transported away from the cutting area and can then be removed safely by the operator. This allows the cutter to continue without the need to wait for the products to be removed. The conveyor belt can also be moved by the operator to allow product removal from the end of the conveyor at the speed desired by the operator. An additional advantage of the ASCO conveyor is that it allows the cutter to cut patterns that are longer than the cutting area itself.

Conveyors are made to customers' specifications.

Used in: Sun Protection, Projection Screens, Technical Fabrics and Sign Industry.

Key features:
  • Maximum fabric width 320 cm
  • Maximum length 800 cm
  • Stand-alone or integrated with any available cutter
  • Speed synchronized with cutter
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H): fabric width+50 x length x 90 cm other sizes on request
  • Power supply: 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz

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