The method used for feeding textiles to cutting equipment depends greatly on the type of material used. To meet the wide variety in textile properties in tomorrows’ market, ASCO has developed different means of feeding fabrics and textiles. Whether feeding sheer fabrics or heavy duty rubber materials, we have a feeder to match.

Unwinding Cradles

Unwinding cradles are simple solutions when working with non-stretch materials and when driven feeding is not required.


Basic Shaft Feeders

The basic shaft feeder uses a simple, non driven unwinding system, and is suitable when working with materials that tend to loosen the roll if unwound in a cradle. It is also possible to supply a secondary material onto a conveyorized cutter to ensure proper vacuum during the cutting process.


Cradle Feeders

Similar to the cradle unwinder, but with a driven feeding system and edge control to ensure very low fabric tension and square feeding.


Shaft Feeders

Similar to the normal shaft feeder, but available to feed rolls up to 250 kg with a max roll diameter of ø 60 cm. Many options can be included to optimize the feeding process of the heavier rolls more precisely.


Driven Shaft Feeders

The Shaft Driven Feeders enable the operator to feed the material directly from the driven shaft without making use of a driven drum.


Heavy-Duty Feeders

ASCO heavy duty feeders are capable of supplying materials from large and heavy rolls. Feeding is done either by direct unwinding form the roll, or by pulling the material from the roll using a driven roller.

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