FX Cutting Tables

Similar to the regular PX cutting table, but with performance enhanced design. The high-end guides and servo drive allow faster production speeds, which can result in a maximum capacity up to 1500 panels per shift.

FX cutting tables are always built to the customers' requirements and there are many options available.

Used in Roller Blinds, Panel tracks, Insect screen, Screens, Drapery and Home Textiles, Sample books and Technical fabrics.

Key features:
  • Cutting dimensions max 250x700 cm
  • Stable steel frame with smooth and hard-wearing table top
  • Full servo control to ensure accurate and square panels
  • Feeding system for heavy rolls with edge control, loop system, and rewinding motor
  • Cutting system with a rotating knife, ultrasonic cutter or crush cutter
  • Pneumatic fabric clamp for holding the fabric during cutting
  • Fully programmable, high speed pulling system for pulling fabric onto the table
  • Integrated slitting or crease knives
  • Electric lifting table for stacking panels up to 30cm, or stacking clamp for smaller stacks
  • Optional air-cushion system
  • Optional integrated rolling-up unit
  • Optional in-line folding and taping unit for continuous pocket folding.
  • Optional in line tape dispenser
  • Machine dimensions depend on cutting dimensions and options
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz, 6 bar air supply


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