PX Cutting Tables

These fully programmable PX cutting tables are used for automatic cutting of large numbers of panels of the same size. They are made to customer requirement, and can be fitted with multiple options such as the ability to create stacks of panels, etc. The low-cost concept of these PX cutting tables offer a efficient way to medium to high volume series, reaching up to 700 cuts per shift with only few roll changes.

Used in Roller Blinds, Panel tracks, Insect screen, Screens, Awnings, Drapery and Home Textiles, Sample books, Projection screens and Technical fabrics.

Key features:
  • Cutting dimensions maximum 350x700 cm.
  • Stable steel frame with smooth and hard wearing table top
  • Unwinding system with edge control and rewinding motor.
  • Cutting system with a rotating knife, ultrasonic cutter, or crush cutter.
  • Pneumatic fabric clamp for holding the fabric during cutting
  • Fully programmable pulling system for pulling fabric onto the table
  • Electric lifting table for stacking panels, or stacking clamp for stacks up to 5cm
  • Air cushion system for stack transfer
  • Optional length cutters
  • Machine dimensions depend on cutting dimension and options
  • Power supply 208/230V, 50/60Hz, 6 bar air supply


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