Cutting and Marking

Commonly regarded as the most important manufacturing process, cutting and/or marking is where the product gets its desired dimensions. ASCO cutting and marking equipment ensures these processes are achieved at any level of quality and automation desired by the customer.
Depending on the type of fabric and application it is used for, ASCO has several standard cutting techniques available:

  • Rotating knife; a low-cost cutting solution suitable for most materials
  • Ultrasonic cutting; for a sealed edge without fraying
  • Crush cutting system; primarily for cutting glass-fiber based materials, but widely applicable

In addition, ASCO can integrate other, less standard cutting solutions, such as heated knife cutting, razor blade cutting, laser cutting and scissor cutting. At ASCO we also testing facilities to do cutting tests and give you the best advice on how to cut your materials.

Cutting Equipment

ASCO cutting equipment for manual use, or to build into an existing table.


Marking Tables

ASCO marking and creasing tables are used for createing pattenrs to be used later in the assembly process.


PX Cutting Tables

PX cutting tables are used for cutting large numbers of panels of the same size. They are made to customers' requirements, and can be fitted with multiple options such as the ability to create stacks of panels, etc.


FX Cutting Tables

These cutting tables feature high-end guides and a servo drive to increase production even further.


Vertical Cutting and Inspection Machine

Our vertical cutting and inspection machine has the fabric suspended from the hem so the product can be cut exactly to the right height.


Laser Cutting Tables

These cutting tables eliminate the need to contact the fabric during cutting and clamping completely, giving the ultimate in dimensional accuracy.

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