Product overview

Welcome to ASCO! We can provide a wide range of equipment suitable for processing all types of technical textiles, fabrics, and other materials. Besides solutions for primary production-related processes such as rewinding, slitting, cutting, and welding, we also offer solutions for secondary processes such as marking, finishing, assembly, inspection, and packaging to name a few. We also develop custom made equipment in close cooperation with our customers. So if you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a customized solution.

Rewinding and Slitting

One of the first processes commonly performed on textiles, is to rewind the material to a new roll of a different size or width. For this purpose, ASCO has several solutions available. Besides rewinding the fabric, these machines can also be used to inspect the material for defects, perform length measurements, and/or one make one or more length or cross cuts during processing.


Feeding and Conveying

Although not part of the primary production process, feeding and conveying textiles or other materials with the proper tension to the next primary process greatly benefits product quality and accuracy. ASCO has a wide range of feeders and conveyors that can be integrated in assembly lines or combined with production equipment, and are compatible to virtually all (third-party) cutting tables or CNC controlled cutters.


Cutting and Marking

Commonly regarded as the most important manufacturing process, cutting and/or marking is where the product gets its’ desired dimensions. ASCO cutting and marking equipment ensures these processes are achieved at any level of quality and automation desired by the customer.


Welding and Folding

After panels have been cut, one of the following steps is to process the edges. ASCO has multiple solutions to create hems or pockets, join panels together, or attach extruded profiles or splines.


Handling and Storage

For storing and handling rolls of fabric, or for (semi-)automatic loading of rolls in a machine, ASCO offers several solutions.


Finishing and Inspection

Besides our various product inspection hoists, we also offer various solutions for finishing your products and can also develop customized equipment for your next processing or assembly steps.


Packaging and Printing

Complete your product by giving it attractive packaging using our custom, box-printing solutions. Contact us for further details.



Can’t find what you need? At ASCO, we can develop custom made solutions for you. Contact your local agent, or discuss your request directly with us.

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